We need to talk about Blazor

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Blazor is a .NET based web application technology that allows you to build interactive applications leveraging C#, Razor, and HTML. The web app builder, Blazor, compiles to WebAssembly known as Wasm for short. This enables the new emerging technology to run in any modern web… Read More »We need to talk about Blazor

JetBrains Rider IDE

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The JetBrains Rider is a cross-platform IDE for .Net. The IDE is based on JetBrains ReSharper and IntelliJ IDEA. The .net functionality is powered by ReSharper which gives us code inspections, great navigation, and refactoring capabilities. The front end is built with IntelliJ IDEA which… Read More »JetBrains Rider IDE

Developers Perspective – API architecture for general purpose

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The purpose of the architecture is to modularise, isolate and control the flow of general components like authentication, authorization, validation, execution, error handling, basic auditing and responses using SOLID principles and clean code techniques. The architecture provides existing components as well as the ability to… Read More »Developers Perspective – API architecture for general purpose